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Senator Jaffer welcomes youth from Ottawa’s Bangladesh Muslim Community
June 21, 2016

Senator Mobina Jaffer recognized 23 students from Ottawa’s Bangladesi Muslim community for their accomplishments at school and in the community on Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

The students spent time on Parliament Hill and met with Speaker of the Senate, the Honorable George Furey, before attending a Senate sitting.

“I want to encourage Canadians to come and enjoy their Parliament,” said Senator Jaffer, who was excited to host the group. “The doors of the Senate of Canada are always open to all Canadians.”

In a speech in the Red Chamber, Senator Jaffer emphasized the importance of recognizing accomplished individuals in a world plagued by negative stereotypes of Muslims.

“These youth will become the leaders who will continue to build this remarkable country of Canada,” Senator Jaffer said.

Speaker of the Senate, the Honourable George Furey, is from Newfoundland and Labrador has always been a strong supporter of initiatives aimed at providing youth with accessibility to the Parliament of Canada.

“It was an honour to meet this incredible group of young Canadians. I wish to offer my sincere appreciation to Senator Jaffer for taking the time to organize this visit and for her fine work in providing the youth of the Bangladeshi community with such a positive experience.”

Among the youths were six-year-old Audrib Amin, who won a prize for an essay he wrote about Islam, and Abrar Kazi, 17, who received a $16,000 scholarship to study computer science and math at Carleton University. Kazi graduated from high school in three years while maintaining a 97% average.

Naiema Zaman, a volunteer and youth group coordinator with the Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community, was grateful for the opportunity to visit Parliament with these students.

“We want to acknowledge anyone who gave back to the community and reward people who worked hard,” Zaman said.

“We want to make sure we have role models in the community.”