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Speaker Nolin Portrait Unveiled
May 10, 2016

The Honourable Pierre Claude Nolin was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Mulroney on June 18, 1993 for the senatorial division of De Salaberry (Québec). Born in Montreal on October 30, 1950, Speaker Nolin received an LL.L degree from the University of Ottawa in 1976 and worked as a lawyer.

On November 26, 2014, the Governor General appointed him Speaker of the Senate on the recommendation of Prime Minister Harper. Senator Nolin served as Speaker until his death on April 23, 2015.

This week, the late and former Speaker Pierre Claude Nolin’s official portrait was unveiled in the Senate foyer.

Speaker Nolin is remembered most for his efforts to better understand the origin and role of the Senate in Canadian parliamentary diplomacy.

Senator Carignan quote about Speaker Nolin.In his eyes, the Senate was fundamental to representing regions, minorities, as well as raising awareness of important causes – in short, the Senate is for all Canadians, regardless of how loud their voice might be.

Senator Dennis Dawson quote.This is what drove Speaker Nolin’s notion of ‘sober second thought.’

Speaker Nolin was also at the heart of creating the new Senate Modernisation Committee, in addition to fuelling the current spirit of non-partisanship.

Quote from Speaker George Furey about the Senate.After today, the Speaker Nolin’s portrait will grace these walls. It will always be a reminder of an outstanding family man, a superb parliamentarian…and a wonderful human being.”

Beyond his exceptional contributions to the Senate itself, Speaker Nolin was a family manQuote from Senator Anne Cools about Speaker Nolin.Quote from Louis Nolin, son of Speaker Nolin.“His song is ended, but his melody lingers on,” concluded Senator Carignan.

For all who knew Speaker Nolin, these words certainly ring true.